Information for parents and guardians

We offer several services that will hopefully give you peace of mind about the type of evironment we provide for students at Manchester.

Welfare and advice

We have created a network of support that offers assistance to students and ensures that any issues are spotted quickly. Each student is allocated a Personal Tutor, based within the School. If a student is having an issue they, along with the School Welfare Officer, are there to work with the student to find a resolution. A School Disability Coordinator, along with support from the University's Disability Support Office, will provide practical assistance to those who need it. Whilst living in halls of residence a Hall Tutor is also available to offer support.

Information for parents about services the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is offering to students

Safety and security

We are committed to ensuring the safety of students both on and off the campus. We have invested more than £800,000 in security, including a CCTV system covering the teaching campus and halls of residence. All students living in halls of residence have possessions insurance automatically included in the cost of their room. Further details could be found on University accommodation site.


Student finance can be confusing so we provide plenty of information about tuition fees and the associated cost of university life. We encourage students to budget responsibility and make them awear that decisions they make now can have an impact for years after they graduate.

  • When completing a budget plan, it is a good idea to include unexpected costs such as extra travel home, birthdays and end-of-term parties.
  • A summer job or a year in industry can help provide much ­needed cash and new friends. The graduate job market is becoming increasingly competitive and most employers look more favourably on students with work experience.
  • For those who travel regularly by train, a 16-25 Railcard saves a third off most rail fares.
  • To reduce the day­-to­-day costs of bus travel, it may be worth buying a Unirider, giving unlimited travel during term time on Stagecoach and Magic Bus. These can be purchased online from the Stagecoach website or from the Students' Union ticket office.
  • It's not necessary to rush out and buy all the books on the reading list in the first week. Waiting will allow students to see which ones will be needed regularly and provide the opportunity to try to buy them second hand. Students from the year above often sell old course books, as do the second­-hand sections of many bookshops, including Blackwells on the University campus. Bargains may also be found on websites such as Amazon Marketplace.
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