All first-year students gain 'hands-on' experience of Altium Designer

3D component placement, Altium design
3D component placement

Altium Designer is widely used in our teaching and research, giving students valuable experience of commercial electronic design software. The package includes tools for many common electronic design tasks, ranging from schematic capture and printed circuit board layout to circuit simulation and embedded software development.

All first-year students gain 'hands-on' experience of Altium Designer in their Electronics Project unit. The majority of printed circuit boards designed within our student projects are also developed using Altium tools.

High-speed digital and mixed-signal circuits

The software is also used extensively in the third year course unit High Speed Digital and Mixed Signal Design which is compulsory for students on the Electronic Engineering course and an option on the Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering courses.

"I find Altium Designer's 3D visualisation capability extremely helpful in illustrating good practice - I often use it for demonstrations within lectures.  It's also remarkably accessible for a professional electronic design tool, enabling students to produce high-quality designs for their coursework assignments." 

Unit Leader Dr Paul Wright

AVEXIS project

Designer is also used widely within our postgraduate and research activities, including in the design of the AVEXIS underwater vehicle, developed by PhD students for use in hazardous industrial environments. One of the academics responsible for AVEXIS, Dr Simon Watson, says

"Altium Designer's tight integration of electronic and mechanical CAD is great for those of us working in the mechatronics area."

 Dr Simon Watson

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