All students are taught how to use LabVIEW 

National Instruments (NI) products are widely used in our teaching and research.  Every student is given a myDAQ in their first year and the NI ElVIS boards are used extensively in the undergraduate laboratories. 

All students are taught how to use LabVIEW as part of Measurements and Analytical Software.  This is then built on in other units such as Digital Systems Design and Electronic Circuit Design.

“The combination of NI ELVIS boards and LabVIEW-based virtual instruments allows students to quickly and easily probe hardware circuits to gain a better understanding of how they work”.

Prof Trevor York, Unit Leader of Digital Systems Design 

NI student projects

Other NI equipment is used in undergraduate project work.

Over the last few years, a number of final year projects have been sponsored by NI including the ARTEMIS project which investigated ingestible robotic sensor pills.

CompaqtRIOs are also used regularly in project work.

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