Microchip products are widely used in our teaching and research

For over 10 years, all students have constructed the Microcontroller Board in their first year as part of the EEEN10034 -  Electronics Project, formerly the Microcontroller Project.

The heart of these boards has been Microchip PIC microcontrollers, with the current version using the PIC18LF8722.  This board is used to teach the fundamentals of microcontroller design and architecture.  

“MPLABX, coupled with the ICD3, allows students to quickly get to grips with the complexities and challenges of programming and debugging microcontrollers."

 Dr Peter Green, Unit Leader of EEEN20019 - Microcontroller Engineering 2


Using the Microchip MPLAB programming environment and ICD3s, the students learn to program in both Assembly and ‘C’ in

All students are also given a PICKIT3 so that they can program their boards at home.  

The board also forms the core of the 2nd year EEEN2100 - Embedded Systems Project, where teams of students have to construct a buggy and compete against each other in series of challenges.

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