myDAQ - a lab in your bag

The myDAQ makes it possible for students to experience engineering outside of the lab, in any location, at any time

Hands-on with hardware

One of the biggest barriers to students getting hands-on with hardware is that it is unrealistic for every student to have a function generator, oscilloscope and power supply. To resolve this the School has recently invested in National Instruments (NI) myDAQ.

  • Every undergraduate is given a free myDAQ
  • This single device provides eight commonly-used lab instruments
  • Connects to a computer via a USB port
  • Compact and portable, use anywhere
  • iPod-compatible 3.5mm audio input and output for mixing and manipulating audio

myDAQ is designed for students

The myDAQ is designed specifically for students, to provide them with the technology to experience hands-on learning anytime, anywhere. Within a single plug-and-play USB device, the myDAQ combines portability with a suite of eight of the most commonly used instruments in the lab.

Students can use myDAQ for real engineering and, when combined with NI LabVIEW and NI Multisim, can prototype systems and analyse circuits outside of the lecture theatre and the lab.  The myDAQ is based on the same technology as NI ELVIS, which all of our students have experience and knowledge of.

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