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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Solar panels on a roof

Electrical materials

Our research on electrical materials covers everything from superconducting materials that can dramatically reduce the size and weight of equipment to using graphene to create 2D materials with enhanced electrical functionality.

Our research in this area spans all the way down to the nano-scale, investigating the energy transfer between nanoparticles with medical applications for cancer treatments. 

Research focus

We are experts in this field and our research activity covers all aspects related to electrical materials.

Some specific areas we focus on are:

  • 2D Materials icon

    2D materials

    There’s a lot of interest in 2D materials like Graphene. We’re using our expertise to turn these materials into more useful devices that can be used to create the semiconductor devices of the future. This involves work right down at the nano-scale, requiring incredibly accurate and carefully controlled experiments. 

  • Dielectrics icon


    We need to transport more electricity around our power networks to meet growing demand. This needs higher voltages and dielectric materials (or insulators) to make sure the electricity only flows where we want it to. We’re developing the next generation of solid, liquid, and gas dielectrics for the power system of the future. 

  • Solar energy icon

    Solar energy

    The sun is the ultimate source of sustainable energy for the Earth, but converting solar energy to electricity can be too inefficient to make solar power financially competitive with cheaper dirtier fossil fuels. We are creating new solar energy conversion technology based on cheaper and more efficient materials.