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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electric car being charged

Power electronics

Our research on power electronics is underpinning developments across all areas of consumer gadgets, industrial systems, renewable generation, low-carbon transport and power networks.

Achievements include demonstrating an efficient and compact silicon carbide converter for electric vehicle power trains and the invention of DC circuit-breaking concepts.

Research focus

We are experts in this field and cover all aspects related to power electronics.

Some specific areas we focus on are:

  • Power dense converters icon

    Power dense converters

    One of the bottlenecks limiting the development of electric vehicles and more-electric-aircraft is the size and weight of the power electronic equipment. We are devising new power-dense solutions using the latest materials and high-speed control.

  • Energy Harvesting icon

    Energy harvesting

    Energy harvesters are typically used to supply electricity to remotely located systems from ambient energy sources. Our research covers all areas of energy extraction from cantilever-based vibrations, through piezo-electric converters, to high power waste heat recovery.

  • Voltage-source HVDC icon

    Voltage-source HVDC

    Voltage-source HVDC is rapidly emerging as a leading power transmission technology, offering new capabilities and connecting offshore windfarms or interconnecting nations. We are working on a wide variety of operational and planning aspects to bring these systems to fruition.