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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Abstract image representing electronic networks

Systems integration

Systems integration is a key area of research that spans many different topics and specialisms. The systems that you interact with on a daily basis and almost always a combination of different systems such as electrical, communications, or sensor networks.

Making sure that these different systems work well together is vital to ensure they work properly and reliably.

At The University of Manchester we work on systems integration across all levels of electrical and electronic engineering, from low-power applications to high voltage systems.

Research focus

We are experts in this field and cover all aspects related to systems integration.

Some specific areas we focus on are:

  • Resilient Interdependent Systems icon

    Resilient interdependent systems

    We have developed advanced system-of-systems integrated simulators to model interdependent systems (such as energy and water). This has led to new knowledge on how the interconnected systems need to be designed and operated to provide security and access for all, with particular focus on developing countries.

  • Imaging Systems icon

    Imaging systems

    We have pioneered and designed imaging systems spanning orders of magnitude in size (from several micrometres to several metres). These address a huge variety of challenges we encounter every day: from fuel injector nozzles, through physiology and healthcare, to safety and security, agriculture, industrial plant and aero engines.

  • Advanced Measurement Systems icon

    Advanced measurement systems

    We have developed new measurement systems for a wide range of industrial, aerospace, and healthcare applications. This includes the use of radio and optical instrumentation for use in in harsh environments like engine combustion chambers.