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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Close-up of a disassembled permanent magnet motor

Power conversion

Our research on power conversion focuses on advanced electrical machines and power electronic converters.

We use the latest devices and materials, including superconductors to provide more efficient and effective electrical power conversion and control for transport and renewable energy generation, transmission, and distribution..

Research focus

We are experts in this field and cover all aspects related to power conversion .

Some specific areas we focus on are:

  • Electrical Machines icon

    Electrical machines

    Efficient electro-mechanical power conversion using electrical machine drives is essential to renewables, industrial processes and low-carbon transport. Our research is focussed on delivering high torque-density machines and high efficiency machines.

  • Super Conducting Applications icon

    Super conducting applications

    High temperature superconducting materials (25 -77K) can dramatically reduce the weight and footprint of electrical equipment. We’re investigating applications for fault current limiting devices and electrical machines.

  • Energy Storage icon

    Energy storage

    Reconciling the demand and availability of electrical power is a growing challenge in networks / smart grids, on board vehicles and for mobile devices. Our research in energy storage is based on leading test facilities to ensure our solutions are practical and realistic.